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ands 1. The hand as an instrument

Surgery is an area of medicine that depends on the surgeons’ hands and the instruments which are controlled by their them. This is especially true in the field of Plastic Surgery which is responsible for “molding or transforming” acquired or congenital defects, while applying anatomic, functional and esthetic criterion.

The hand allows us to relate to surgery in a physical way, such that the tactile information received by the numerous nerve endings in the finger tips constitutes an extension of the surgeon’s brain, and thought processes. The hand touches, picks up, entwines, shows, measures, pulls, pushes, sustains, holds, writes, communicates, gestures, massages, creates music, pleases…. Feels and creates feeling.

All these movements are applied in the Art of Plastic Surgery, and constitute their own language. This “language” of gestures is used to carry out each and every one of these operations and many times automatically. With this unique language, words and sounds are not needed in order to communicate information. Let’s investigate deeper…. 

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